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Weatherking Lofted Barn Cabin

Weatherking Lofted Barn Cabin


Will the installer remove and replace obstacles such as step railings, fence posts, basketball goals etc, to facilitate the placement of the building on a customer’s property?      
No. Any neccassary removal ad/or replacement of obstacles on the site is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

Can metal roofs be ordered for WeatherKing buildings?       
Yes, please check with your local dealer 386-277-2851  or call WeatherKing for a quote.

Do you build or supply ramps for your buildings?     
We do not furnish ramps because it is not possible to produce or stock a universal ramp that will meet all situations. Some buildings will be blocked 3 or 4 feet above the ground, while others will be only inches. Changes in slope from one side to the other can be difficult to address also. We feel that is best for you, the customer, to make your own determination after the building is set up.  Also there is a Bottom Lip on all of our wooden doors that if removed will not keep rodents and other animals out of the sheds, these lips also help in waterproofing the shed from wind pushed rain. If this lip is removed by the home owner proper care must be given to seal the bottom of the door(s).  We suggest: Customers purchase Temporary Ramps at most Hardware and Big Box Stores.  These ramps are typically made from either Aluminum or Steel.  Normally used for loading or unloading Riding Mowers, Bikes, ATV’s, etc. then placed in the corner of the building for storage.

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